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Mirage (2956 days ago)
hey honey~
what's up?
sorry 4 my late reply!~
well still remember me?
wow u wouldn't imagine what had happened 2 me - -#
anyway I'm back now!
really miss ya!~
Vedlen (3391 days ago)
Her account has been deactivated for a good reason. It was definitely not dumb.
Bridget (3397 days ago)
hey! yhea i have seen that movie..its a good movie! thanks for saying i look like her..haha i dont really think so but thank you! <3
SwedenSandra (3397 days ago)
Ah, that's good wink2
Well just fine thanks! =P
Robin (3398 days ago)
whatz up, now u got my attention, tell me whatz on your mind, chow for now
SwedenSandra (3399 days ago)
Wow, that dosen't sound like a good day =/

Well, mine was OK 001_smile Just a really long school day.
BriannerNanner (3399 days ago)
Yes, you can major in English but it is normally in order to become a writer, teacher, or something like that. It's not just to say, "oh yay I already know English it should be a breeze!"
haha could be nice, though.
Dolores101 (3399 days ago)
lol me 2
teacher (3399 days ago)
Yes Mahli.
But I was the biggest prankster of them all. I got about 10 of my kids before they got me LOL
SwedenSandra (3399 days ago)
haha okey 001_smile
Yea i pranked one, haha that was fun! 001_smile

So, how was your day?

BriannerNanner (3399 days ago)
That's cool about your sister. I'm majoring in Spanish. Not sure what my concentration will be yet, though!
SwedenSandra (3399 days ago)
Oh! okey 001_smile
Well, i think he still likes you wink2
teacher (3400 days ago)
(Just finish what I was saying) < and there is no bad blood amongst us, because we respect each other and our space. Friendship is great as long as you remember it's personal limitations.
Don't worry your friends will understand , I hope.
teacher (3400 days ago)
Hey Mahli.
Being a teacher; wanting to be a teacher at your age is like coming over to the DARK SIDE! " There is more power on the DARK SIDE. " Well not really, sad thing is there is a lot of disrespect and sadness; well that is what I hear from my other teachers. Me, personally, I have great fun! the guys have fun, we learn together and there is>
Julie.Rox.The.Catbox (3400 days ago)
well thats because i live here. and most people are mean. lol.
Julie.Rox.The.Catbox (3400 days ago)
Just new york. On long island. About 20 minutes from the city.

The city is ok and all, but is not like its amazing. theres a LOT of drama. =]
Julie.Rox.The.Catbox (3400 days ago)
Trust me, it isnt too great. =]

Hi. Sup.?
SwedenSandra (3400 days ago)
Well great, that's good news! 001_smile

hum, no maybe you dont need him wink2 that's something that only you can decide wink2

Good luck with the manager work ^^,
Dolores101 (3401 days ago)
same same but then again i love it cause i like gettin n troubel lol
teacher (3401 days ago)
All it takes is to listen to what they have to say. If you do that you get friendship and respect!

That's all I ever want from my girls and boys.
BriannerNanner (3401 days ago)
Yeah I'm in college now. It's way different from "regular school".
Thanks (about the pic)
You should get a pic!
Nightsilence (3401 days ago)
Hehe, I don't like school too, but I have to do it! It's better than stay all the time at home.
Nightsilence (3401 days ago)
why don't you want to?
Cody. (3401 days ago)
aye. very bad indeed. But no worries. They all got home a little after midnight last night ^.^ The most damage done that I've heard of so far was Andrew harassing a Canadian and getting sun burnt. haha.
Dolores101 (3401 days ago)
nm really u
rocklee (3401 days ago)
HYPER about going to school.~ yeaah,

BriannerNanner (3401 days ago)
you go girl! you definitely don't need him to be happy. boys are not that important in life unless they make you happy. I've learned that several times..
I just chose to change my pic. I wanted a change.
Nightsilence (3401 days ago)
Hey, how are u? I'm just having a busy sunday
Dolores101 (3403 days ago)
teacher (3403 days ago)
Hey Mahli.
Thank you sweetheart.
That was a very nice thing to say.
I hope I can live up to your beliefs of me.
I however do try to be the very best and I always try to be there for my students no matter what time of day, morning or afternoon sometimes even on chats like this!
BriannerNanner (3403 days ago)
I don't know if he still likes you, but I do know that boys (especially at your age) are VERY immature and are not good with expressing their feelings. Even if he does like you, he's probably having a hard time showing it. Unfortunately, that's what you've got to get used to :p
Good luck with him, though. You say he's dating your bff??
SwedenSandra (3403 days ago)
ah, dont worry it will go juust fine 001_smile

Well, my day has just started ^^
Cody. (3404 days ago)
Actually, I'm really well today ^.^ All my friends are in band, and they went to Disney over break, so I was here alone and I hadn't heard from any of them since they left Monday, but today one of my friends called and he wished me well from Disney, so I was just glad to hear that their bus didn't explode XD
BriannerNanner (3404 days ago)
aww did it go over well with him?
how did he react?
SwedenSandra (3404 days ago)
Awesome! you go girl wink2
I hope you'll go to the audition, you will do great 001_smile

Haha no, actually no one has told me that wink2
BriannerNanner (3404 days ago)
Hey girl! My day was okay.
How was yours?
Bridget (3404 days ago)
aww thank you 001_smile
Cody. (3404 days ago)
thanks ^.^ how are you?
teacher (3405 days ago)
Well at least some of us get to do nothing Mahli.
As I am head of the English dept. I have to work this break!
So feel sad for me Pleeeeease
SwedenSandra (3405 days ago)
Yeah sure! Take care! wink2
SwedenSandra (3405 days ago)
Well I dont think so, i mean if he didn't like you he would probably not speak to you, but now when he does i think you're good to go. I mean if he hasn't got a girlfriend after you, and he still hangs out with you .. love is in the air wink2
SwedenSandra (3405 days ago)
Hmm okey. But why dont you just show him that you're not boring?
And your friend which he asked out, she turned him down right? i mean, who dates a friends x, and just after 10 minutes, that's wierd :/
And you know, guys dont always act like they're feeling.
SwedenSandra (3405 days ago)
Oh yeah, but it's a big chance that he still have feelings for you to.

Buut, why did you to break up at the first place? maybe that won't happen again? or..?
SwedenSandra (3405 days ago)
Oh okey, i think you should go to the audition.
yeah i kind of know that feeling, but it feels better afterwards, the trouble is just to get the words in the air.
SwedenSandra (3405 days ago)
Yea that's a good question.. But you know, that's a possibility that he still likes you, i mean if you still like him, why dont tell him that?
And btw, are you going to the audition? 001_smile
SwedenSandra (3405 days ago)
Hmm.. Why dont you ask if you can audition instead?
gobucks719 (3405 days ago)
Hey Mahli whats goin on in oklahoma?
SwedenSandra (3406 days ago)
Oh okey! That's fun 001_smile Yea i play both saxophone and drums, and i've been in 2 bands so far wink2
teacher (3406 days ago)
I'm great Mahli!
What you up to these days, aren't you guys going on break soon.
My students are taking break next week or the week after. how about you guys
SwedenSandra (3407 days ago)
Okay, that sounds fun! 001_smile
Well i'm out a lot with friends to, i listen and play music very much, i dance and i work out as often as i can 001_smile
Nightsilence (3407 days ago)
Hi Mahli, I think you should do it! 001_smile
(Remember confidence is very important)
Fishbone (3407 days ago)
Yea this kitten is pretty cute isn't it .......... if is a kitten ..... oh well thanks for the comment anyways!
teacher (3407 days ago)
Once upon a time I did Mahli. BUT just to clear any mistakes I reminded you of it.
How are you today Mahli,
BriannerNanner (3407 days ago)
do you not have a pic?
lindz (3407 days ago)
nice! ok my e-mail is (e-mail hidden).. e-mail me
SwedenSandra (3407 days ago)
Uhm, what do you do on your spare time?
BriannerNanner (3408 days ago)
Well I think you should talk to him about
teacher (3408 days ago)
Hey Mahli.
Yep I did and I was madly in love.
She was my science teacher, as you can understand I did badly in science as I was all googly eyes at her and not paying attention in class.
BUT she taught me that Teaching and Friendship can be the same thing Mahli and remember they both have boundaries!
Vedlen (3408 days ago)
Might be the buffer of the your browser. She's not 100% my gf though 001_smile
rocklee (3408 days ago)
haha. thanks, ^^ oh! i got the nickname from naruto, :3
SwedenSandra (3408 days ago)
Okey 001_smile Call of duty 2 x)
Vedlen (3408 days ago)
Whose profile? System's embedded on everyone's.
SwedenSandra (3408 days ago)
Heey! uhm i'm playing a game right now ^^ and you?
BriannerNanner (3409 days ago)
I don't know if he's my boyfriend.. we are dating
MADfockeylb (3409 days ago)
ha sryy it just means like xoxo and then my namee
rocklee (3409 days ago)
ahh.. okeh then. ^^ umm. how r u then....?
SwedenSandra (3409 days ago)
Nice, yea just fine 001_smile
MADfockeylb (3409 days ago)
suree..heyy wats up? other then the cieling lmao
<33 Mara
SwedenSandra (3409 days ago)
haha yea ^^ how are you?
minji (3409 days ago)
yes~~^^ nice to meet you
SwedenSandra (3409 days ago)
yes of course 001_smile
gobucks719 (3410 days ago)
Yep dont have school till tuesday biggrin
Dolores101 (3410 days ago)
kk bye
Dolores101 (3410 days ago)
lol thats ture
Dolores101 (3410 days ago)
yeah u
Dolores101 (3410 days ago)
same same
BriannerNanner (3410 days ago)
His name's Etienne...
he started this website!
Mirage (3410 days ago)
me 2!
I'm also a beginner
keep on going!
Dolores101 (3410 days ago)
so wats up
Mirage (3410 days ago)
I love sk8 boarding 2~!
Dolores101 (3410 days ago)
sure i would love 2 be ur friend
gobucks719 (3411 days ago)
Nothing really I am in Cleveland on a short trip. It has been very fun biggrin
Robin (3411 days ago)
u said u did not like my other pic, so i changed it back, just for u 001_smile or would u prefer a differnt pic?
Nightsilence (3411 days ago)
I like Rock, metal, something of punk and Latin pop
Robin (3411 days ago)
happy now? 001_smile
BriannerNanner (3411 days ago)
hey! Nothing much.. just chillin in South Carolina.
Nightsilence (3411 days ago)
do you play any musical instrument?
What kind of music do you prefer?
I tried once learning to play guitar but I'm very bad.
I still like music anyway :p.
MADfockeylb (3412 days ago)
haha wat??
<33 MAr
gobucks719 (3412 days ago)
Sure, whats goin on
BriannerNanner (3412 days ago)
swati (3413 days ago)
Hi Mahli,
My name is Swati.I m 11yrs old and I m from India.I m intrested in being ur penpal.

So please reply back.Hope to hear from u soon.

teacher (3413 days ago)
Becoming a teacher isn't a very easy process. Some people think you get a degree and your a teacher. In part they are right but there's more to it!
It has taken me years to becoming the teacher I am today.
All I can say is Work at understanding problems
Nightsilence (3413 days ago)
HI, we can try.
So, what do you like to do?
MADfockeylb (3413 days ago)
heyy..wats up?
<33 mar
gobucks719 (3413 days ago)
that stinks. thanks. so what are you up to?
gobucks719 (3413 days ago)
lol thanks, you should put a picture of yourself up.
Robin (3413 days ago)
umm, im on msn at the moment.
lindz (3413 days ago)
hi u!!!
Lucierox3 (3413 days ago)
Heyyy. I really want a penpal so u could post a message if u want my email. 001_smile
Robin (3413 days ago)
hello Mahli, thanx 4 the complement, sure, u can be my penpal, i dont mind if u cant send a pic, if u write include your email add so I can write back 2 u! write to me at> (e-mail hidden)
IM WAITING 001_smile


Nickname: sk8tergirl54
First name: Mahli
Gender: Female
Age: 21

I am interested in members from * to * years old.


City: Grant
State/Region: Oklahoma
Country: United States

United States

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Spoken languages

  • English

Languages to learn

  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian
  • Malay
  • Japanese



- None -


Hi everyone! My name is Mahli!(its pronounced as molly!)I'm a 12 year old girl! and i live in oklahoma!I'm a very fun,sensitive,nice,caring,and sometimes sarcastic person! so if you wanna write me, then do it!just so ya know,i check my email everyday! (if you want my email adress, just email me from this site to ask!)laterz,bye,aloha,see ya,adios,till next time... Mahli
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