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Nickname: Sonia53
First name: Sonia
Gender: Female
Age: 23

I am interested in members from 15 to 17 years old.


City: Laval
State/Region: Mayenne
Country: France


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Spoken languages

  • English
  • French

Languages to learn

  • English
  • German
  • Italian


I use the following communication networks:
  • MSN
  • Facebook
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  • Computers - Internet
  • Sport (Soccer)
  • Sport (Volleyball)
  • Music (Rock - Metal)
  • Music (Classical)
  • Music (Hip hop - R&B - Rap)
  • Music (Country)
  • Music (Jazz)
  • Cinema - Movies
  • Reading
  • Friends - Going out
  • Music
  • Music (Electro)


Hey hey  ! My name is Sonia and i'am 16.  I would like to have an english ( american ) correspond to ameliorate my english. If you're interresting... :) 
I'm the kind of person, who is ... very nice ? It's that my friend tell about me, at least, without claim ^^
I like much things in the life like: THE MUSIC, for exemple ( i play guitar and a little of piano ), particularly hm James blunt, the Black eyed peas, paolo nutini, Eagles, the beatles, Owl city, The kooks, The Fray, Police... 
... And the cinema too. Siecially the actor like Jude law, johnny Deep, Guillaume canet ( a ( beautiful ) french actor ;) ) I'm a follower of Harry Potter, the Holiday, La môme ( La vie en rose ? ), and Jeux d'enfants is my favorite film, i suppose. I like the series too, like grey's anatomy, desparate housewives, one tree hill... and the TV.. it's not good, i know.
I learn the English, the german and the italian. I would like to be a "neurosurgeon" or to work in the medecine or why not to be a culture journalist. 
That's all that i can tell about me, if you want to know more, add me, on FB ( sonia tourou ) for exemple. 
Ah Yes, i forget it, i like Friends and partiiiiiiiiies ! 
 Bye bye ! 
( my english is not very good, i know ^^ )

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