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ikshu (594 days ago)
I am Ikshu from india. I want to know if you would be intrested in helping me improve my spanish. Please let me know if you are free to help me out.
thanking you,
flashboy92 (709 days ago)
thanks very much for your answer 001_smile
how are you? I`m fine.
may I add you as friend? 001_smile
here a few words in German: 001_smile
ich freue mich bald wieder von dir zu hören !
Greetings from Bavaria
thelordhani (710 days ago)
hi 001_smile nice to meet you 001_smile
abi_abixuela (710 days ago)
Hi Tryphen! Nice pic wink2
flashboy92 (715 days ago)
Hola! Que tal? I´m new here.Are you interested to write with me? I´m from Germany and try to learn Spanish 001_smile
I would be glad to hear from you!
julia_justlife (1399 days ago)

Mir geht es auch gut (trying something in German 001_smile). Summer is finally there (happy) and at the weekend there´s finally space and free time to do something with friends after drei weeks of almost everyday uni. Was machst du sonst in deiner Freizeit?
julia_justlife (1399 days ago)
how are you? 001_smile
zikozwei (1436 days ago)
how are you ?
we can talk ?
untouched (1739 days ago)
Hello 001_smile how are U ?
NielsfromHolland (1784 days ago)
I'm going to Barcelona 28th of april till 5th of May, first time... any cool places/events i really should see?
GraceGrey (1813 days ago)
Pedorra ;D
buz3 (1981 days ago)
Hola como estas 001_smile
Loryn (1985 days ago)
Si te quieres, puedo ayudarte para hablar francès =)

Loryn (1985 days ago)
Pardon, te respondo más tarde... No pienso a ir aquí...Esta porque, estas de aquerdo de habla con facebook o msn?

Muchas gracias por tú comentario!
Soy feliz porque por los vaccaciones vine a españa por un día, y me encontraba un poco el español.
Cuantos tiempo has estudiado el francès?

Samanta913 (1988 days ago)
yees.. it's ok wink2
i was offline too
i am angry ! i can't explain it how much! ;/ my best friend(mateusz-boy) make me annoyed! goosssssshhh!
Samanta913 (2038 days ago)
yes .. sorry i was offline this last days, but i was in hospital :|
Loryn (2044 days ago)
¡Hola! ¿Cómo estás?
Con este sitio, quiero conocer gente en el mundo, pero quiero avanzar en español. A mi me gusta está, y como este año no tengo clases de español, me siento como perderlo...
¿Estaría de acuerdo por hablarse y enséñame algo de español? ^ ^
Sonny (2045 days ago)
Sonny (2048 days ago)
Hey!!What's the song playing on the page?
b0uman (2057 days ago)
Depén en lo que es diu bé! Tinc que repetir curs,pero si he guanyat un concurs literari i me'n vaig a un altre colegi. 001_smile
Samanta913 (2057 days ago)
hmm i am sad today..
the doctor told to me, that i need a operation for my lung sad
because i have sick lung sad(

what is the weather there ?
Leonre (2057 days ago)
Hey! I've sent you an e-mail wink2
Samanta913 (2062 days ago)
hello howa are you? wink2
b0uman (2074 days ago)
Hola,com va la vida? Ja fa temps que no ens parlem. :S
Sonny (2081 days ago)
I hope you can get a good job wink2
I'll know the grades on 6/17 001_smile
just do your best on the test biggrin
Drummerlover (2087 days ago)
hello 001_smile at 23 of June I fly to Barcelona for 3 mounths 001_smile I think maybe we will meet 001_smile Give me your facebook 001_smile please 001_smile
Sonny (2096 days ago)
Hey! we have long time no talk! i just finished my last exam in school last week! How are you today?
Mmarrcoss22 (2106 days ago)
Hola 001_smile
I'm fine, though being tired due to school assignments and last tests. You?
Sasha_Y (2106 days ago)
I am fine
and you?
alexstar (2108 days ago)
perdona me 001_smile
aprendo espanol dos anos:) me gusta mucho espanol
alexstar (2108 days ago)
Aprende espanol
Sasha_Y (2108 days ago)
alexstar (2110 days ago)
Tambien bien 001_smile)
MI espanol no es perfecto sad
alexstar (2114 days ago)
como esta;>
Ignis_Lacein (2116 days ago)
I'm back!!! msn or email (e-mail hidden)
Ignis_Lacein (2116 days ago)
i'm so~~~ soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooory!!!!

i just had finished my midterm exam 001_smile

so.. i... hope i could contact u again.

add my msn please. (e-mail hidden)
Tuomo (2144 days ago)
Heyyy 001_smile My internet connection has been broken, so I haven´t been able to chat whit you.. :s I hope the problem rectified as soon as. How are you? 001_smile You can also write email for me if you want 001_smile adress is the same as my MSN 001_smile see ya 001_smile001_smile
b0uman (2145 days ago)
Hola! com va tot? biggrin
TobyR (2150 days ago)
thanks, i feel much better now.
what have you been doing?
TobyR (2154 days ago)
how are you?
im back now! the surgery had many problems and i had to have more surgery after it.
but i feel much better now.
take care, seeya
GraceGrey (2158 days ago)
Sí, solo entro a trollearte, soy la alegría de la huerta xD
amy9213 (2160 days ago)
bad :/ I hope I find some time for learning. I love this language ;D
Tuomo (2160 days ago)
Great 001_smile !
JoJo.Sneapes (2161 days ago)
Hahaha, no he's nooooot 001_smile He's just the best biggrin
Tuomo (2161 days ago)
Sounds good 001_smile okay, is there rainy winters in Spain? I´m restaurant cook, so I´m working 5-6 days a week. 001_smile if you want, add my msn: (e-mail hidden), I think that there would be easier to talk 001_smile
jihee (2162 days ago)
im fine too^^
GraceGrey (2163 days ago)
Tú qué vas a tener 19, asquerosa! xDDDDDDDDDD
TobyR (2164 days ago)
how are you?
I'm ok thanks, i go to hospital for surgery tomorrow so i might not be able to reply for a while. I don't know how long exaclty.
take care, seeya!
amy9213 (2164 days ago)
I'm little tired.. You know, school, A-levels.. ;D

Tuomo (2164 days ago)
Hey! I´m glad you wrote me back 001_smile I´m fine, waiting for the summer. Last winter was very cold and snowy in Finland :s
No, I don´t know any spanish. You have a great opportunity be my first spanish friend 001_smile
How is the spring going in Barcelona? 001_smile How long you have been studying linguistics?
JoJo.Sneapes (2164 days ago)
Reaaaaaally ? Shame on you !! xD
You should read Shining 001_smile
It's my favourite 001_smile
Tuomo (2166 days ago)
Hi! You live in Barcelona? I´m gona be there next summer 10 days 001_smile It would be nice to get to know you 001_smile
JoJo.Sneapes (2168 days ago)
Dunno, I've got a lot of "favourite" books 001_smile But I really like, Shakespeare, Stephen King and Franz Kafka.. My three authors 001_smile
Ignis_Lacein (2168 days ago)
umm and have a question for you
does Las personas que amamos la diversificación.
means i fell in love?
i used the google trans. but doesn't seem right. i'm not good at it but please answer me
Ignis_Lacein (2168 days ago)
i might be busier than you.
i wake up at 5:30 and comes home at 00:00 so.... not able to talk in msn.
However i'll try to talk with some e-mails or comments.. so excuse me
ju5lien6 (2169 days ago)
Okay 001_smile
I've studied spanish too during 4 years when i was in high school, but now i just learn english in the university .
I was in Barcelona from the 4th of march to the 7, and i really liked this city. I have seen Fc Barcelona - Real zaragosa, the camp nou was great !I really want to come back 001_smile
Have you been in France ?
JoJo.Sneapes (2169 days ago)
Hahaha yeah but I need to hang out a bit after work ! biggrin
Reading ? Cool 001_smile What's your favourite book ?
Ignis_Lacein (2170 days ago)
hola~ (to me it's um.. time to say adios.. hehe)
these days i'm so tired but i can
still have time to fb,pg,msn XD
so if you can help me i would be also
glad to help your english.
Adios, hasta manana(is this lets meet tomorrow?) have a nice day
JoJo.Sneapes (2170 days ago)
Unfortunately no :/ I was working so..
What about you ?
ju5lien6 (2171 days ago)
Hooola !! Nice to meet You too ! I learn a little bit spanish, but not with university, And i Would like to improve it, And Know You more too 001_smile i like spanish people ^^ donde vives en espana ? Conoces un poquito el frances ? Quiero ir en espana para el verano !
JoJo.Sneapes (2171 days ago)
No.. I mean we've got holidays during two weeks in february 001_smile
JoJo.Sneapes (2172 days ago)
Hey 001_smile I'm pretty fine thanks, a bit tired cause of my first day of school ^^
bearded.collie (2174 days ago)
Escribe que quisiera mejorar mi Espanol y tambien puedo ensenarte Ingles, lo estudio en la Universidad. Quisiera hacer amigos de otros paises y visitarlos. Me gustaria intercambiar lenguas y tambien visiat tu sitio y invitarte a Polonia. Quisiera practicar lenguas durante los vacaciones. Te saludo!
bearded.collie (2174 days ago)
Hi Tryphen!I'd like to make international friends and practice languages at the same time. Im looking for a partner to practice Spanish during summer.I can teach you English(I study it)I'd like to visit your place and invite you to visit mine. Id like to have real contact with language and enjoy time with new friends.
amy9213 (2178 days ago)
Hello! How are you? biggrin
ju5lien6 (2178 days ago)
Hola! que tal ? estaba en Barcelona ayer ^^ hablo un poquito espanol^^
would you like to talk a bit with me ?
It would be great !

Hasta luego !
TobyR (2179 days ago)
sorry for the late reply, it was my mothers birthday and my brother has come from university for a week, so its really
how was your weekend?
TobyR (2186 days ago)
ok 001_smile
Qué hiciste hoy?
Sonny (2188 days ago)
by the way I'm so glad to heard that there's a new law to stop the bullfight, because I think it's really bloody, but how do U think?
Sonny (2188 days ago)
well, I don't really know them, but I'm so interested in knowing them.
TobyR (2189 days ago)
oh ok, sounds interesting! Well good luck with that!
qué trabajo quieres después de tus estudios?
TobyR (2190 days ago)
I'm not too sure yet really, i plan to study Geography at university from september. But i don't know what i will do after that.
What about you?
b0uman (2190 days ago)
Si si,soc molt estudiant jo. innocent smartass ( thumbdown )XD
TobyR (2200 days ago)
I have two older brothers, one is 21 and is at univesity and the other is 24 and he is a guitar teacher.
Sonny (2203 days ago)
really? what concert? 001_rolleyes
TobyR (2204 days ago)
oh cool, i wish it was sunny enough here to need sunglasses haha
its been cloudy and rainy all week!
ok, do you only have one sister? or do you have other siblings?
b0uman (2205 days ago)
Que bé!La veritat és que m'encanta la primavera,l'estic esperant ^^
De moment tinc molts exàmens. sad
Una abraçada 001_smile!
TobyR (2206 days ago)
thanks, i feel much better.
Well this week i have lots of doctors appointments, so i will be busy with that imagine.
do you have other plans while you are on holiday other than homework?
take care, seeya
b0uman (2209 days ago)
Hi Tryphenn,com va tot?Espero que bé.Ãltimament la temperatura s'está recuperant,a Barcelona també?
TobyR (2211 days ago)
Oh im glad you're recovering!
I am ok thanks, well, i have a collapsed lung at the moment actually but its not too bad.
what have you been doing?
Sonny (2212 days ago)
today is our Chinese New Year eve!
we must eat dinner with family, and we can receive the red envelop(filled with money) after the dinner, oh, and we can't be angry during these days.
By the way, have you ever been to bullring before?(I just read a book, and it's talking about it)
TobyR (2215 days ago)
how are you?
yes i have accepted you on msn! i have facebook too, its on the same email as my msn. I use both!
take care, seeya!
traveller00 (2215 days ago)
Hi, I'm ok thanks 001_smile How are you?
SayHello (2217 days ago)
I was born close to where I live, and I've always lived here too. But there was a boy in my high school who went on foreign exchange and lived in spain last year! He can speak spanish very well now.
Delphine05 (2217 days ago)
Hi !! Thanks. Fine and you ? 001_smile
b0uman (2217 days ago)
Hola,perdona que me'n vaig anar tant rápidament.Es que me s'havia acabat la batería i no podía cargarlo. wacko
Espero que nos tornesem a parlar pronte. biggrin
Sonny (2217 days ago)
1/21~2/14 are the new year vacation in Taiwan: )
how about Spanish new year vacation?
TobyR (2219 days ago)
how are you?
thats ok, i hope your exams go or went well!
i will send you a message with my msn, im not online often though, but i will try to be on more! haha
TheBaysiks (2219 days ago)
Yeah, I've been busy too I have to read a Chemistry Honors textbook >.< almost all my classes are Honors now so I'm gonna be busy. And now I have a Spanish Teacher that actually does something lol

JoJo.Sneapes (2219 days ago)
Same for me wink2 I'm just finishing my revisions too cause my exams are next week sad
Yeah I play the piano, actually I've got a video of me playing on facebook =)
I love how it sounds too 001_smile

If you want to add me: wink2
SayHello (2220 days ago)
I had final exams recently too. I don't like them at all sad lol. but I learned spanish a little as a kid from school, and now Ive taken it for two years in high school :)have you always lived in spain?
Sonny (2225 days ago)
really? maybe I can tell you what I know 001_smile
Dalphnae (2229 days ago)

I would love to know if you can teach me Spanish, i need help to improve Spanish.

I am actually just able to speak little Spanish.

Thank you so much.
Don't hesitate to visit my profile page please.
SayHello (2231 days ago)
Hola! Como estas?

Did i say that right? it's been a long time since I've spoken spanish. 001_tongue
TobyR (2231 days ago)
hi! 001_smile
I'm good thank you!
How are you?
JoJo.Sneapes (2232 days ago)
Exams finished biggrin Hahaha, so happy !
Woah, since you're 11 ? Well, three years for the guitar and 7 for the piano 001_smile But I'm an autodidact 001_smile
Doogle (2233 days ago)
yes, sure, i'll e-mail you my address 001_smile
TheBaysiks (2234 days ago)
lol yeah I need to practice my Spanish. In my spanish class, my teacher just talks and we barely do anything. She gives a lot of homework though and expects us to know how to do it.... even if we haven't learned it yet.
SayHello (2235 days ago)
Hi =) I'm fine thanks, how are you?
TheBaysiks (2236 days ago)
Suer, having 3 spanish teachers shouldn't be too bad. ^.^"
JoJo.Sneapes (2236 days ago)
Noooo.. Raining not snowing xD I hate rain ! Hahaha, don't worry, I've got a big exam in philosophy too xD
Yeah 001_smile Classical guitar 001_smile
Do you play music ?
daft_digger (2236 days ago)
Oh, thank you)) the force will not be excessive))
hell, I feel "young Padawan")) well ... you know ... Star Wars, but will arrive with you the power ... forget it XD
TheBaysiks (2237 days ago)
Haha English is one of my main languages so I don't need to learn anything else yet.
Doogle (2237 days ago)
I love listening to various styles, so you can recommend me anything you want! ^^ I love listening to anything is Spanish biggrin
daft_digger (2237 days ago)
I understand, of course) so I have Monday and will torture exams and "mountains of debt")
we can handle, I'm sure;)
daft_digger (2237 days ago)
Thank you very much for your support) for me this is important) and you're right, change the scope of activities is not too late) I am now in search of what I would be interested)
A whole book? Damn, why so much?(
sh3lton (2237 days ago)
thats great biggrin
hey, do u got msn or skype? biggrin
daft_digger (2237 days ago)
Yes, at first glance, this is interesting) but I think it's not mine)
I do not like what I do, because in practice it is boring(
how is your day?)
Sonny (2237 days ago)
really?! Thank you so much 001_smile
and I can help your Taiwanese or Chinese if you want!
JoJo.Sneapes (2237 days ago)
Hey 001_tongue I'm very fine thanks, the weather sucks but it still the week-end so, I'm just enjoying it.. Watching movies, playing music hahaha 001_smile Love it !
How about you ?

Sonny (2237 days ago)
Hi, how are you?
sh3lton (2237 days ago)
im pretty fine, thanks!
what about you? biggrin
daft_digger (2237 days ago)
In addition, advertising - a single event, and PR long) I hope you understand)
daft_digger (2237 days ago)
PR - this is one of marketing tools, aimed at forming a definite opinion about something (goods, people). it's something like advertising, but it is not an advertisement)
differences between public relations from advertising: PR is cheaper or free, it is a long-term, more creative, more accurate (because it requires a lot of analysis).
TheBaysiks (2238 days ago)
Hi! I'm good, and how about you? :3
Pennell (2238 days ago)
Ok lol
Did you think I was offended before? Because I wasn't, I just had to leave 001_tongue
But ok, I didn't know this about that movie xD
Doogle (2238 days ago)
joyride7 (2238 days ago)
haha yeah its very cold:p its actually snowing here XD For u spanish people it is TOO cold:D i have got a spanish friend here that has it realllly cold:p
Pennell (2238 days ago)
A friend told me about the hills have eyes, but I've never seen it.
Doogle (2238 days ago)
Hmm.. It's a good question. biggrin I've always liked Spanish music and people since I was a little kid, and 3 years ago, I decided to study it at school, because I've also known that Spanish is spoken a lot by people, and I don't think I've made a wrong choice, I love Spanish! biggrin
joyride7 (2238 days ago)
If you could do that that would be awsome!!biggrin
Doogle (2238 days ago)
Hello! I'm fine thanks and you?
Some help would be very useful for me, thanks! 001_smile
amy9213 (2238 days ago)
Hi! Fine, thanks wink2 And you?
nirvana (2239 days ago)
mine is elie yaffa
daft_digger (2239 days ago)
PR) is studying for 4 years) What about you?)
Asahi1 (2240 days ago)
Buenisimo! tienes msn? 001_smile
nirvana (2240 days ago)
i prefer skype and u ?
Em_xD (2240 days ago)
Now weather is better than in December. Now is little warmer but still have much snow. What about Barcelona? wink2
daft_digger (2240 days ago)
I am an optimist, I just have such a specific sense of humor;)
My school ended in 2007) I am a student))
Asahi1 (2240 days ago)
ciao! cómo estás?? me gustaría aprender catalán!
Em_xD (2242 days ago)
Thank you 001_smile And good luck you too 001_smile

I hope after that all exams we will be proud of ourselves 001_smile
nirvana (2242 days ago)
do u have skype ? wanna talk ?
daft_digger (2242 days ago)
You know, I'm roughly in the same situation) I know that my weekend will end very quickly and immediately begin exams, but now I do not care) this weekend and I'm sh*t at all;)
I advise you not to strain)
Em_xD (2243 days ago)
Tommorow I backing at university ;( ;(
It's sad, couse now I feel I really must start to lerning to exams.

When yours will be end?
Em_xD (2243 days ago)
Happy New Year wink2

My holiday was really ok, I have a lot of fun ;D

What about yours? Do you enjoy it ? 001_smile
Eleke (2243 days ago)
I sent you an e-mail
Hope it could help you.
xooxxxx 001_smile
daft_digger (2243 days ago)
Hi) Glad to see you!)
Yes, I think I enjoy the weekend:) How about you?)
and a Happy New Year!))
Eleke (2244 days ago)
hey hi !
How are you ? 001_smile

If you really want to improve your English skills and have fun next summer, please contact me

see you xoxoxx
jihee (2244 days ago)
hello how are you?
HJY (2249 days ago)
Hi! How are you?
daft_digger (2252 days ago)
Merry Christmas)
Navi (2253 days ago)
¡Hola Tryphenn! ¿Qué tal? wink2
Te escribo porque estoy interesada en practicar español y me gusta saber como son las condiciones de estudiar en Barcelona.
El próximo año me gustaría tomar parte en Erasmus, y tengo que elegir una universidad española.

Si tuvieras un poco tiempo para informarme, estaría muy contenta.

traveller00 (2255 days ago)
Hello! I'm not on msn often but feel free to add me so that we can talk! (e-mail hidden)
Em_xD (2256 days ago)
Of course! ;D I will be with my friends, I even don't know where. ;P Propably will be celebrating in club .
What about you? Any plans? wink2
daft_digger (2256 days ago)
I confess, I am an atheist rather than the usual Christian) so I do not celebrate religious holidays, and I do not know which one is January 6(
Em_xD (2256 days ago)
I'm sure you will find something special wink2
daft_digger (2256 days ago)
I do not quite understand what you mean)
Em_xD (2259 days ago)
Yes, my gifts are ready wink2 But tommorow I must to go on shopping with my mum, becouse she doesn't have present for me! ;P

I must choose something ;P

What about you? Is it all teed up? wink2
daft_digger (2259 days ago)
Now I understand) Grandfather Frost (Russian Santa Claus) to children who are badly behaved, does not bestow gifts) and the parents of these children are beaten:D
I do not know whether there are analogies in Russian cuisine ..
Em_xD (2261 days ago)
Me with my family celebrating 24th and on 25th we meeting with further family. wink2

Oh yes, this is the best thing in all this confusion - just beeing with family, spend with them all this time. wink2
daft_digger (2261 days ago)
I misunderstood how it is prepared, but I realized that this kind of food or sweet) cool)
HJY (2261 days ago)
I'm find, too!!
But...... I catch a cold.....ã _ã 
mmmaija (2262 days ago)
Yes! It's my dream to learn speak Spanish! 001_smile
daft_digger (2262 days ago)
coal made by sugar? O_o what is this?)
And thank you)
TobyR (2263 days ago)
ah ok.
How was your weekend?
Em_xD (2263 days ago)
24th evening. In Poland is more important than 25th. wink2 What about Spain ? wink2
daft_digger (2263 days ago)
Yes, I'm on presents) parents told me that if I did not choose what I want as a present, then they will buy me some "garbage") so I usually happens because I do not like gifts)
By the way, I wish you a pleasant stay) I think you deserve it
Carrie15 (2263 days ago)
But I really know very little. 'Ser' etc. ;dd

I have, (e-mail hidden)
HJY (2263 days ago)
Long time no see!!!
How are you??biggrin
daft_digger (2263 days ago)
And I want to pass the tests that come before our celebration of the new year (in Russia Christmas - a minor holiday), and even then relax;) although I have now, and so goes the four-day rest) but who does not like to relax?wink2
By the way, to share a secret, what would you like for Christmas?)
Em_xD (2264 days ago)
It's the same 001_tongue And in every shop is many people who looking for presents 001_tongue

what about Christmas Eve? What traditions do you have? wink2
Carrie15 (2264 days ago)
Yes, hah.
Even I'm learning Spanish. ^^
Em_xD (2264 days ago)
I preparing to Christmas and learning ;P

How looks Christmas in Spain? wink2
Khloe (2264 days ago)
Yes, It's cold in Paris!
I want to visit Barcelona 001_smile
I'm already going on holiday in Spain.
In.. Valladolid, Burgos, Salamanca, ciudad rodrigo..
It's not a big city. You know this cities?
daft_digger (2264 days ago)
Indeed, in comparison with our averages (-40) this heat in the summer)
Damn, I want to live in Spain!!)
How's your day?)
Natascha-Nicole (2264 days ago)
but not if those books are 900 pages. I read the last summer of Tatian de Rosnay. If you have no idea who I have perhaps you can just look on Google:) I read books mostly because I'm not so strong in Dutch.
And you know what you read above?
sismo66 (2264 days ago)
me llamo jérémy vivo en frencia al lado de paris soy de nacionalidad de andalucia entonces hablo un pocito espagnol pero quiero estar mejor 001_smile
tienes msn dial para comunicar mas que podemos aqui
Cor (2265 days ago)

Do you have msn? Thats communicate more easier.

Regards, Cor
Carrie15 (2265 days ago)
People are cool, I like the language, and all is nice. I fell in love with Spain. ^^
Carrie15 (2265 days ago)
I don't know. I want to study tourism and then move to Spain. That's all. (:
Cor (2265 days ago)
Hi, Thanks for your massage.
I'm fine. I'm looking for a penpal.
Are you interested?
I'm 34 years old and live in the Netherlands.


Natascha-Nicole (2265 days ago)
Yes, that seems not easy.
My father studied medicine:)
Carrie15 (2265 days ago)
Hah, okey. ^^
How about you? :>
jurgensaam (2265 days ago)
hola =)que tal? Me llamo Sam,vivo cerca Montpellier en Francia,Me gustaría hablar contigo para perfeccionar mi español gracias mucho,un saludo!
Khloe (2265 days ago)
Paris ? it's snowing! it's cold.
But it's beautiful to visit 001_smile
Paris have many places to visit.
Me, I want visit Barcelona 001_smile
daft_digger (2265 days ago)
You know, if you come to Russia, even now, that will not die)
I think in Spain now, too, not hot)
Em_xD (2266 days ago)
I listening polish rock and many various music. Last 2 weeks I all the time listening Gorrilaz and Queen. wink2

How about your week? wink2 Are you planning something for weekend? wink2
TobyR (2266 days ago)
Well i usually listen to the older stuff like led zeppelin or the beatles, but i like some modern stuff too.
what bands do you like most?
Carrie15 (2267 days ago)
Oo, thanks. ;>
Polish football is disaster, but okey. ^^
And I like FCB. ;d And you? :>
Natascha-Nicole (2267 days ago)
I think to study medicine, which seems really great! My father did so and is now surgeon.
Em_xD (2267 days ago)
What about music? What are you listening?
Em_xD (2267 days ago)
My favorite films are 'Silence of the lambs' and "Fight club" I can watch them again and again I like difficult or complicated films. From new films I really enjoyed "Inception".
I like Shrek too. Often I don't like films with dubbing (I prefer with subtitles), but polish dubbing in this film is amazing, everyone know many quotes from this movie.
daft_digger (2267 days ago)
You know, development can be different and in most cases, unfortunately, is developing in Russia is not quite what you want) for example, degradation)
What about a trip to Europe - the sooner the better) if you suddenly decide to postetit Russia, it does so in the summer)
Carrie15 (2268 days ago)
Warsaw is almost in the middle of the Poland. wink2
This is the Polish capital.
I'm not there, but I live close.
I don't like this city, I prefer Cracow. :>

What's song?
Really nice. ^^
daft_digger (2268 days ago)
You're right about the Russian - even me, sometimes it is difficult to understand many of the Russian people), our language is complicated by the fact that it mixed up vernacular, the old words, expressions, and established memes)
daft_digger (2268 days ago)
Unfortunately, no (
I traveled abroad only in Kyrgyzstan through Kazakhstan (lived there my grandparents), and in Europe I was never (
I hope one day I will correct it)
Em_xD (2268 days ago)
Yes, quotations of him are very popular wink2

Do you have favorite book ? or books?

And what about films, which type of them you like? wink2
Natascha-Nicole (2268 days ago)
Okay, no I do not study at university. I'd love to, but I'm only fifteen:)
Carrie15 (2268 days ago)
Yes, in holiday, in this year. *.*
But in Barcelona only one day.
I lived in Lloret. 001_smile
Khloe (2269 days ago)
Huge city ?
I don't know where it is .. lol
I Know .. Murcia?
Khloe (2269 days ago)
Huge city ?
I don't know where it is .. lol
I Know .. Murcia?
Carrie15 (2269 days ago)
Me too. 001_smile
I don't know, I don't think so about in my city was -20 degrees. ^^ Maybe in other city, heh.
And what's the weather in Spain?
I love Barcelona and I miss so much. *.*
marco11985 (2269 days ago)
hi my name's MArco nice to meet to you.

i'd like to talk to u sometimes like penfriends. if it's ok for u i give u my mail:

(e-mail hidden)

next time if u want i can give you my address so we can write each other :-)




Em_xD (2269 days ago)
I like thrillers too;) I didn't read LotR, I saw films and I really liked it wink2

Also, I like beautiful books about life, I really love books of Paulo Coelho wink2 Did you read any of them?
daft_digger (2269 days ago)
Agreed) I do not promise to teach Russian because it complicated and can be partially changed at least every day (this depends on those who speak it), but the words, phrases or anything else I'll be glad to prompt)
I confess, in Barcelona and Tarragona, I would like to visit more than in Madrid)
Natascha-Nicole (2269 days ago)
Thanks! Watching movies is really fun.
I noticed that you studied linguistics. Interesting!

Much love, Natascha
TobyR (2270 days ago)
i listen to most styles of music, i prefer rock though. I really don't like rap but i listen to lots of other styles
Em_xD (2270 days ago)
Hello 001_smile What was your day? wink2
tomekcrr (2270 days ago)
Hi! So I will try to answer in spanish biggrin

Gracias por tu respuesta! Yo querria estudiar espanol porque en la universidad a la que yo quiero ir se requiere dos lenguas, ingles y aleman o espanol. Yo tengo dos anos para aprenderlo, pero pienso que con tu ayuda lo lograre! Ahora solo se unas palabras basicas y un poco de gramatica, pero esto cambiar
Khloe (2270 days ago)

Good! You live in Barcelona?
daft_digger (2270 days ago)
Hi) It would be nice) But, I have almost no basis on which I could "rely" (
By the way, you're from Catalonia?) I love Dali) and another, "Barcelona" - a great club (although I prefer to "Valencia": P))
By the way, you're very very cute)
Mauve (2271 days ago)
Hola! lo siento mucho por última respuesta :s Yo estaba ocupado...
Tienes facebook o msn? 001_smile
arijae (2271 days ago)
Hello 001_smile
Carrie15 (2271 days ago)
Hey, how are you? :>
Em_xD (2271 days ago)
writer? hmm you must be creative person. wink2

So what type of books you like? 001_smile
Natascha-Nicole (2271 days ago)
How are you?
especially comedies and romantic movies:)

Much love,Natascha
TobyR (2271 days ago)
I like to listen to music, i play piano, draw, play football, read, talk to friends and anything else fun.
what music do you like?
take care, seeya
daft_digger (2271 days ago)
Hi, Tryphenn, nice to meet you!) I'm fine, thanks)
and how are you?)
Natascha-Nicole (2271 days ago)
Im fine:)
sarai_c (2272 days ago)
Aw well thanks!! 001_smile
See you soon. 001_smile
Khloe (2272 days ago)
Nice to meet you too! 001_smile
I'm fine thanks.
It's sooooo cold! It's snowing today!
It's cold in Spain ?
Em_xD (2272 days ago)
I want to work in public relations, advert or be journalist wink2

what about you ? wink2
Khloe (2272 days ago)
How are you ?
Em_xD (2272 days ago)
I'm studying sociology,, what are you studying? wink2

Unfortunetly, I don't have MSN.
HJY (2272 days ago)
I don't have MSN.....T_T
sarai_c (2273 days ago)
Well thanks!! 001_smile
Yes I do have MSN..its (e-mail hidden)
TobyR (2273 days ago)
Well I had to go to the hospital, I'm fine now, it was just a check up.
so, what are your interests?
take care, bye
TobyR (2273 days ago)
I'm Good thank you!
What have you been doing today?
take care, seeya
HJY (2273 days ago)
Do you have Facebook ID?
My Facebook is (e-mail hidden)
mmmaija (2273 days ago)
Ok, so nice to meet you!! 001_smile
I have finished my Spanish studies because I didn't like the teacher.. but someday, maybe in university, I will start to study Spanish again biggrin
TobyR (2274 days ago)
Nice to meet you!
well i'm happy to help you if i can!
How are you?

Take care, bye
Em_xD (2274 days ago)
It must be amazing! wink2 I want to go there as fast as it possible. ;P

What about your day? It's ok?
You're studying or working? wink2
cristian (2274 days ago)
Hi how are u ? biggrin
B-A (2275 days ago)
no.. I'm never wnet to spain.. maybe later 001_smile and you? do you have traveled?
sarai_c (2275 days ago)
Hello.I am great.thank you for asking! 001_smile So how are you??? 001_smile
Well that is great that you are looking for friends from all the world.And yes I would love some help with Spanish. Thank you so much. And if you don't mind I could help you learn English. :)IF you need some help?!001_smile And thanks again. And oh wow you are from Spain that is pretty neat!001_smile
Em_xD (2275 days ago)
Well it's very diversified. Some places are really cool but others are ordinary.
Tell me something about live in Barcelona, pleaseeee wink2
mmmaija (2275 days ago)
Hi! I'm fine, you? 001_smile
dajebelali (2275 days ago)
Hola!! Seria perfecto si pudieras ayudarme con mi castellano ya que mis examenes son muy prontos 001_smile Anadame a "(e-mail hidden) y puedo ayudarte con tu ingles tambien
Hasta luegoxx
Em_xD (2275 days ago)
it's ok, thanks wink2

unfortunately I've never been in Barcelona, but I really really want! It's my dream ;P

And I think that spanish is fascinating language wink2
manuel67 (2275 days ago)
Muchas gracias muchacita! Jo te preguntarè muchos consejos.
Hasta lluego.

It looks good?
Kisses, baci e besos
B-A (2276 days ago)
Hello! biggrin
i'm fine thanks.
YEAH! you would help me!? so nice!

happy to meet you! write me 001_smile
Mauve (2276 days ago)
Muchas gracias por escribir me! :)Mi ingles no es perfecto, pero puedo ayudar ^^
Viajé en Espana y Barcelona està una ciudad muy bella! Tienes suerte <3
Mauve (2276 days ago)
Estoy bien y tu? 001_smile
Em_xD (2276 days ago)
Hi! :)How are you?

You're living in Barcelona, I'm so jealous! ;P
ahern (2276 days ago)
yes i have both
my msn is (e-mail hidden)
and my skype is stephen.lenis
ahern (2276 days ago)
thats great
i'l be your frend from the netherlands
i acan help you with netherlands english and frysian
ahern (2276 days ago)
hi i am fine and u
Alexandrarose (2276 days ago)
hello. 001_smile have you got yahoo or msn?
manuel67 (2276 days ago)
The fish one is Valenciana? Ok! I started to learn spanish some years ago, ans jo pienso que in a few days I'll decide to start again. What about your italian?
Bram (2276 days ago)
Hey, I like comic books, books about new ideas and sometimes novels 001_smile
What kind of books do you read?
manuel67 (2276 days ago)
Hi,I've been in Barcelona some years ago.I love everything about it: the street(Wow La Rambla),people,life not so fast,your coloured nights,food. Think:I go to a spanish restaurant at least two times a month to eat paella (catalana!)and to drink Sangria.Have you ever been here? Traffic? Imagine it take 2 hours to reach my job. Kisses
Bram (2276 days ago)
Hi, I'm fine thank you! 001_smile
How are you doing?
Drummerlover (2276 days ago)
Ok 001_smile I wanna 001_smile

msn: (e-mail hidden)

Send me invitation 001_smile

Best 001_smile

Mathew :*
nirvana (2276 days ago)
hi how are you ? welcome to penpal gate you live in catalunya ? i love this city it history it inhabitants i love barça too
manuel67 (2276 days ago)
Barcelona-Real Madrid 5:0.
Wow. I enjoined it.
Kisses to all your beautiful and coloured city.
jihee (2276 days ago)
hi biggrin


Nickname: Tryphenn
First name: -
Gender: Female
Age: 24

I am interested in members from * to * years old.


City: Barcelona
State/Region: Catalunya
Country: Spain


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Spoken languages

  • Spanish

Languages to learn

  • English
  • German


I use the following communication networks:
  • MSN
  • Facebook
  • Skype
  • Twitter
Send me an e-mail


  • Computers - Internet
  • Music (Rock - Metal)
  • Cinema - Movies
  • Video games
  • Reading
  • Art - Drawings
  • Friends - Going out
  • Comics - Mangas
  • Traveling


Hi! I'm studying Linguistics in Barcelona. I can help you with your Spanish and Catalan. I speak English and a little of German and French.
Don't be shy and email me! :)

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