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Nickname: Bubble
First name: Kim
Gender: Female
Age: 22

I am interested in members from 15 to 19 years old.


City: Jeonju
State/Region: <3333
Country: South Korea

South Korea

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Spoken languages

  • English
  • Korean

Languages to learn

  • English


I use the following communication networks:
  • Blog/Site
Send me an e-mail


  • Community life
  • Cinema - Movies
  • Reading
  • Art - Drawings
  • Comics - Mangas


hilyow >W<  MY NAME IS KIM da-hee:D

it so......(detrak) omf :') anyway, u can calll m KIMMEH :')

AND i have an skyrock ID:D UMMMM supperBubble x)

i luv dancing<333 and singing <333( but never doin' well..)

haha;;; and u guyz or galz ? x3

>w< MY lover :'):') ohohohohooh w/e bubbbye ma dudem:')

dudem is,,,dude :')


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