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Bells4 (482 days ago)
Hi, i'm Dutch and I can help you with your Dutch and maybe tell something about the country.
You can help me with French. I'd love to improve my Fench and to learn something about the country.

Write back if your are interested! 001_smile
Giovani (727 days ago)
Hey there 001_smile i'd like meet you a bit more, i love learning languages too, i'm glad to be your partner in that and improve you spanish and you can help me with my english and french, cheers, have a nice day
britchick (963 days ago)
hi my names chloe im 16 and i live in scotland. how are you?
tuska (968 days ago)
Yeah, very long time unfortunatelly sad. I'm okay, still busy because of study ;D What are you doing now?
tuska (973 days ago)
Hi How are you? Did you remember me? ;>
Geetings wink2
Susi2013 (1078 days ago)
Hi Raouf!
How are you?
Nice to meet you.
Lovely greetings from Germany...
hope to see you soon
BSR (1167 days ago)

I live in the Netherlands and I am looking for someone who can help me with English.I can help you with Dutch and Turkish. 
I hope for a response!

Sanne- (1238 days ago)
Uhm, something you find intresting to tell me 001_smile
Sanne- (1238 days ago)
Oke, Raouf. I'm fine too. So, tell me some more about yourself, if you want to.
Sanne- (1239 days ago)
Hi Raouf Lotfi!

How are you?
tuska (1318 days ago)
Hi algeriano wink2
Yeah, I'm very busy now. I began law study wink2 I'm ok and hope that everything ok with you 001_smile
I miss you too and hope to hear you soon.
Kisses :*
ika07 (1372 days ago)
Salut! Je suis Weronika. Je suis polonaise mains a present j'habite en Belgique. Enchante!
Margaret96 (1374 days ago)
Good song but too dubstep for me x) I prefer their previous songs like Numb, From The Inside, Papercut, Castle Of Glass etc etc wink2
MissDior (1377 days ago)
Salut, Raouf biggrin Je suis ravi de te rencontrer. Ca me ferrais plasir d'etre ton correspondance. Est-ce que tu as le profile sur FB? Tu peut me trouver si tu veux (je m'appelle Daria Malkova là) Comment va tu? Qu'est-ce que tu fais dans la vie? 001_cool
Susi2013 (1436 days ago)
Hi Raouf!
I'm Susanne from Germany.
I hope you are fine.
Nice to meet you. It would be nice to
write with you.
See you soon.
Greetings, Susanne 001_smile 001_smile
Gerardo21 (1649 days ago)
hey man do you wanna be friends with me on FB or skype?
Cristin003 (1654 days ago)
Nice to meet you too .
I'm Cristin from Poland 001_smile
How are you?
Cristin003 (1654 days ago)
Hi 001_smile
compaq (1684 days ago)
I was in Tunisia and I'm so love African country and I'm going to Egypt in the next holiday 001_smile I'm so excited!
compaq (1697 days ago)
I see that a lot of traveling around the world 001_smile
tuska (1740 days ago)
Yes, I was and still am very busy, but I thought it would be a shame if we stopped contact. Summer? It was great! I was in Greece, a beautiful country. Write as though you will have a moment of free time. Kisses: *
tuska (1761 days ago)
Hi! How are you?
I'm missing you wink2
Emilia_Ida (1797 days ago)
Oh, I'm fine wink2
You have beautiful photos !
Emilia_Ida (1798 days ago)
Hi ! wink2
Patrycja93 (1806 days ago)
Hahahaha, okay, he's from Saudi Arabia 001_smile
Patrycja93 (1807 days ago)
shoukran biggrin I have an arabic friend here in Warsaw and he teaches me 001_tongue
Patrycja93 (1807 days ago)
Hala! I dont speak French, Ive never learnt it but Arabic recently ive been curious about it and i learnt some basic words biggrin haha salam 001_smile
tuska (1922 days ago)
Yeah, I'm okay wink2
How are you? biggrin
CocoChanel13 (1928 days ago)
Ben en fait je t'ai envoyé une invitation, mais ça n'a pas marché parcequ'il y a écrit que tu as bloqué trop de choses, que je ne peux pas avoir accés à t'envoyer une invitation. Ne me demande pas pourquoi, je sais juste qu'il y avait écris un truc dans ce genre.
CocoChanel13 (1934 days ago)
oui j'ai vu merci et je t'ai envoyé une invitation si tu acceptes on pourra se voir plus souvent là-bas biggrin
bisous et joyeuse paques!
CocoChanel13 (1941 days ago)
S'il te plaît fais-moi signe quand tu serras de retour, on pourrais se parler sur msn si tu préfères?
reviens vite!
CocoChanel13 (1972 days ago)
Je suis plus là aussi souvent, qu'en penses-tu si on se parlé sur msn, j'y suis pratiquement chaque jour. Et on aura plus de chance de se croiser je suppose. Je te souhaite encore un bon weekend, comme demain je ne serrais sans doûpt pas là. bises à bientôt
tuska (1976 days ago)
Yes, the school also takes me all the time that I could devote enough useful things. What do I do? I was in the cinema on Vow, a great movie. I have 3 days off from school, so I hope that the inclusion of a little bit of everything. Tell better, what more about you? : D
CocoChanel13 (1976 days ago)
avec des amis et puis j'ai regarder pleins de films, je me suis reposer un peu, j'ai quand même travaillé aussi et oui voilà. Et toi tu as fais quoi ces dernier jours? Racontes-moi un peu de tes nouvelles, on ne s'est plus parlé depuis un moment.
CocoChanel13 (1976 days ago)
Slt oui ma mère va mieux. Elle peut refaire pratiquement tout. Et ce qu'elle n'arrive pas, je l'aide, donc tout va bien! biggrin Et chez toi aussi? Le boulot ça va? Alors tu t'ais bien repris du repos ce weekend? wink2 Ce que j'ai fais ces dernier jours hmmmm... Alors j'ai passé beaucoup de temps à lire surtout, comme je suis en vacances j'ai le temps puis
CocoChanel13 (1982 days ago)
pas vu depuis longtemps, ça marche? Tu vas bien? Réponds-moi quand tu serras de retour à plus
tuska (1984 days ago)
Hi! How are you? wink2)
Everything's okay? ;D
clochete31 (1993 days ago)
merci 001_smile
meg24 (2004 days ago)
hey, how do you know there isn't any aligators in my lake? Okay, there isn't, but I tell you in secret there is a monster, just the same as in Lochness!
Babie (2004 days ago)
haha..Actually I saw it on Skype..but as u are never on Skype, I decided to text here 001_smile
Babie (2004 days ago)
Happy birthday!!! Wish you all the best!!! wink2
tuska (2013 days ago)
yeah, everything's okay, thanks. I'm very busy now ;((
How about you?
Kisses ;*
mika- (2013 days ago)
thanks! 001_smile
Babie (2013 days ago)
me too wink2
Winternacht (2021 days ago)
Dragons and fireplaces are a fitting combination, I think. 001_cool
tuska (2042 days ago)
Hi! Also I didn't have time recently, but now I have a Christmas holiday and I've a lot of time. How are you? I must say you, that I I set up an account on MSN and now we can talk more often. wink2
Kisses wink2
CocoChanel13 (2054 days ago)
Hej salut tu vas bien??? On ses pas parlés depuis un moment. Je suis désolée cette semaine j'avais pas le temps, mais maintenant oui! 001_tongue
bises à plus
elmo-l (2059 days ago)
lol, thanks. everyone would make fun of it because it;s a girly design, so he gave it to me. ^-^
elmo-l (2059 days ago)
ya, not a very big speaker unless it is something very important to me.
davicky (2061 days ago)
hey u! why do you ask me that?? i don't support Real neither Barça...I hate both... I only am fan of Arsenal, although I prefer Real than Barça... what about you?
Irinna (2063 days ago)
hi! thank you 001_smile nice to meet you, too. have u traveled a lot?
tuska (2069 days ago)
Here in Poland it is also cold now. Tomorrow is supposed to snow fall! I love the snow and Christmas! I love it! How is celebrated christmas in your country? Waiting for some news from you. Kisses; *
tuska (2069 days ago)
Hi Raouf!
I'm sorry that I not write to you, but I was very busy. How are you? I would like to talk with you by Skype, but unfortunately my computer is broken and I have internet access on my phone only. I hope that until I have not skype, we can write here?
Marta wink2
JohnnyDepp (2079 days ago)
Hi I would like to learn Tamazight, did you know it? It's so difficult to find somone! sad hope you can speak it!
annalisa (2087 days ago)
adrusu al- luratu al-arabiatu qalilan.
MissEleonora (2088 days ago)
Thanks for the comment on my picture 001_smile
joannaa (2090 days ago)
Thank you for comment wink2
Jolisa (2090 days ago)
I would like that chance.
tuska (2092 days ago)
It,s a terrible day, but I hope that tommorow will be better. wink2
I had an argument with a friend.
I'm glad everything ok with you. Algeria is extra country. I have to go there one day, you really get interested me, this country wink2
tuska (2092 days ago)
Hi! wink2 I'm fine, I come back from school and I'm very angry... ;(
How're you? Your country is beatiful. I never heard about such pretty place. wink2)
Jolisa (2094 days ago)
I would like to chat with you, of course. I have been busy with schoolwork lately, but if I get the chance to talk more often on here I will!
algeriano (2095 days ago)
This picture is taken at Jijel around 200 km from my home, it's a beautiful place among many in Algeria 001_smile
tuska (2095 days ago)
Thanks wink2 Your pictures are great, especially profiled. Where it has been done? wink2
tuska (2097 days ago)
I love summer! 001_smile And I also miss ;(
How about you? ;> Do you tell me more about you? wink2)
Kisses wink2
elmo-l (2101 days ago)
pas problem
algeriano (2105 days ago)
ça va super bien et je l'espère vraiment pour toi. Amicalement Raouf wink2
Funnixx (2105 days ago)
salut sa va ? 001_smile
xoBellaox (2105 days ago)
thanks 001_smile
algeriano (2106 days ago)
désolé Chanel j'ai eu des problèmes de connexion sad
CocoChanel13 (2106 days ago)
Et alors ça va? Tu viens sur le chat!!! 001_tongue Et pourquoi tu es parti hier, tout en coup, sans rien dire?
CocoChanel13 (2108 days ago)
Hhhhhhhmmmm changer de photo??? Haha, mais tu es toujours encore le même je pense et toujours aussi beau 001_tongue haha. C'est la nouvelle mode de cette hiver cette photo? Si c'est oui, alors bravo c'est reuci! biggrin Alors tout va bien?
CocoChanel13 (2110 days ago)
hi and welcome here on ppg, so I think you haven't seen all, because you're just new. But from that, that you have seen did you like them?
bye chanel


Nickname: algeriano
First name: Raouf Lotfi
Gender: Male
Age: 27

I am interested in members from * to 100 years old.


City: Alger
State/Region: Alger
Country: Algeria


Google Maps

Spoken languages

  • English
  • Arabic
  • French

Languages to learn

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Dutch
  • Polish


I use the following communication networks:
  • Facebook
  • Skype
Send me an e-mail


  • Computers - Internet
  • Sport (Soccer)
  • Sport (Athletics)
  • Sport (Tennis)
  • Music (Rock - Metal)
  • Music (Hip hop - R&B - Rap)
  • Music (Country)
  • Cinema - Movies
  • Video games
  • Friends - Going out
  • Traveling


Bonjour,  je m'appelle Raouf, j'ai 25 ans et vis à Alger - en Algérie. J' adore la musique, voyager et apprendre des langues. J'aimerai trouver dans cet endroit un ami pour apprendre anglais dans le chat en ligne. Je  peux t'aider à apprendre français et m'apprendre anglais, et J'aime envoyer et recevoir des lettres et des souvenirs de pays différents.
Hello! My name is Raouf.  I'm 25 years old and I live in Alger, algeria.I love learning languages and my hobbies are travelling, camping, and watching movies.  I am looking for language partners to learn English online. I am also happy to help you to learn French. I would like to do a language exchange trip to other countries around the world and i love sending and receiving letters and flags and souvenirs from differents countries.

Skype: lotfi.fradou [add if you want to speak with me it will be a pleasure.]
 See you soon ;)

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