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popolinefr (38 days ago)
Hello I m Pauline . I speak french 001_smile Do you wanna be my penpal?
REBELLIN (43 days ago)
hey dear!
do you want to talk with me in the chat? i missed you recently.
emilie_salmon (48 days ago)
Hi! How are you? I'm Emilie, French girl. I may help you in French if you want.☺️
Soner (59 days ago)
Daniiii (69 days ago)
Buongiorno Emanuele,

Mi chiamo Dani e vorrei imparare la lingua italiana.
Vorresti aiutarmi?

Parlo olandese quindi posso aiutarti per parlare olandese se vuoi? 001_smile


RowanvRooijen (72 days ago)
He Mate,

How are you?
BartL (86 days ago)
Fixed 001_smile
Biene95 (96 days ago)
I only use instagram or whatsapp 001_smile
Biene95 (96 days ago)
Hey 001_smile yes you can help me with English
Chicky-ewe (114 days ago)
Bonjour ^^
ravie de te rencontrer, tu préfères parler par mail ou autre? ^^
Gaya0802 (114 days ago)
Par skype, ça te va ?
Gaya0802 (114 days ago)
Bonjour Emanuele, je serais ravie de t'aider ^^
Onirine (116 days ago)
Je n'ai malheureusement pas cette appli non, et j'utilise très peu mon téléphone, je suis désolée >.>" J'ai par contre Skype, Facebook, et même un compte discord il me semble.
Babe (116 days ago)
Hey 001_smile sorry, I am busy at the moment. I will reply a bit later. And it would be better if you could write me here 001_tongue
Onirine (117 days ago)
Bonjour :3 Je serais ravie de discuter avec toi, et de t'aider à t'améliorer ahah. Souhaites-tu que je t'envoie un mail ? (à moins que tu n'en envoies un de toi-même, ou que tu préfères discuter via un autre moyen).
Loskop (139 days ago)

Firefox had a problem. I was saying that the UK were one of the best places for music. They were the center of the world during the 60's and they made a comeback for the 90's with so many good artists and music genres such as Triphop, Indie, Britpop or rave style.

Anyway, have a good night, see you.
alex2017 (157 days ago)
Hi, I am Lucas
I am french and I live in Paris.
I started to create short video for teaching french vocabulary. There is more video and my YouTube channel, tell me if you like it and subscribe 001_smile

My facebook here :
Izula33 (171 days ago)
Ciao. Come mi chiamo? Come stai?
Mondey (177 days ago)
Well, i want to make new friends and do you want to be my friend?)
So, what can you say about your interests and hobbies? What do you do (work or study)? You may say me all what you find important)
Mondey (177 days ago)
Hello) Can you write me?)
Une_loutre (195 days ago)
Hi 001_smile ! French here ! Are you available for a conversation today ? biggrin
xbritt (199 days ago)
Sorry for leaving so suddenly! I'd love to talk with you!
Natalia_99 (212 days ago)
Hi! How are you?
Bebotchi (223 days ago)
hello! How are you?
REBELLIN (223 days ago)
I took it as a compliment 001_smile don't worry i just wanted to say that i am much more than a simple stereotype... but i think you are intelligent and already noticed that wink2
have a good night as well
BlueRhapsody (335 days ago)
It was nice to talk, so yes we can keep in touch via mails maybe?
tuinierster (478 days ago)
Hi, a few weeks ago I sent you a message. Are you intersted in helping me with Italian, I can help you with English and Dutch.
monica_skywalker (481 days ago)
Heyyy, I have a new phone so I lost your number! I don't know if you remember me?
xevd_ (485 days ago)
Hey I'm Emma and I'm from the Netherlands..So if you're still looking for a chat or to learn dutch u can text me. I hope to hear soon from you. Bye 001_smile
Noutte (517 days ago)
I'm fine thank you 001_smile
Correspondante (524 days ago)
Ciao, cerco una persona italiana che potrebbe corregere la mia lettera di motivazione, puoi aiutarmi ?
Noutte (555 days ago)
Hello ! How are you? 001_smile
monica_skywalker (558 days ago)
hahaha hi im back
monica_skywalker (558 days ago)
hiii (: maybe i can teach you dutch?
Mandy_W (558 days ago)
Hi Emanuele,

I can learn you dutch, if you want?
Just send me a message wink2

callmebabe (574 days ago)
hello =)
MaryWhite (593 days ago)
Ciao! (:
angel123 (613 days ago)

i see on your profile that you want to learn dutch.
Can i help you with that

greetz sabine wink2
Frying_pan (635 days ago)
I am a student and I am finishing school in summer 2016 what about you? 001_smile
SaraFloyd (635 days ago)
scusa,effettivamente hai ragione... per me va bene! :)solo che ho molto omonime
SaraFloyd (635 days ago)
in bocca al lupo! su cosa farai la tesi? mah io niente di ché... vorrei solo diplomarmi!
SaraFloyd (635 days ago)
grazie:) presto ti darò un resoconto!come va con gli studi?
SaraFloyd (635 days ago)
tutto ok!purtroppo ho perso il titolo del film che mi avevi consigliato...
SaraFloyd (635 days ago)
ciao! come va?
MartynaPL (635 days ago)
Hi ! biggrin How are you ? biggrin (635 days ago)
you did biggrin
Frying_pan (641 days ago)
Hi I'm fine thanks how are you?
camy1104 (642 days ago)
Ei si, tutto bene grazie xD haha ti rispondo ora perché non mi ero accorta che avessi scritto nei "commenti" xD Buona giornata! 001_smile (643 days ago)
where are you going? biggrin
Vavoucheca (644 days ago)
I like to sing*
Vavoucheca (644 days ago)
Hey, How are you My favorite Genre's Pop-Rock and you? But I sing a music popular ^^
camy1104 (648 days ago)
Ei ! Grazie del tuo benvenuto 001_smile
Lien94 (661 days ago)
Groningen is mooi! Een hele leuke stad om te studeren ook 001_smile Ben je al eens in Nederland geweest?
Ik studeer in Amsterdam, maar ga mijn master in Utrecht volgen hopelijk!

Lien94 (662 days ago)
Dan gaan ik dit in het Nederlands schrijven 001_smile In jouw berichtje zaten een paar kleine foutjes, zie hier de verbeterde versie:
Hoi! Ik ben op zoek naar een Nederlandse penvriend OM mijn taalvaardigheden te verbeteren. Ik hou ook van het nemen van foto's, ZELF BEN ik de eigenaar van een Nikon. Ik hoop snel van je te horen
Tot snel, arriverdeci!
MartynaPL (739 days ago)
hi 001_smile
rosesliars (748 days ago)
Yeep 001_smile I have a holidays, so many free time biggrin What do you say about yourself? 001_smile
xisabellax (750 days ago)
Hey, I'm sorry, I got disconnected! Could you send the link again? I would love to hear it 001_smile
rosesliars (750 days ago)
hi 001_smile how re u ?
cecio (762 days ago)
Ciao 001_smile
Sono quella simpatica, ricordi? Tu invece sei quello che non sa se suonare la chitarra è bello, anche se la suoni ...
Bello riscriverti!
ItsMe (770 days ago)
Piacere di conoscerti 001_smile Good luck tomorrow!! Yes you can! 001_smile
zineb94 (771 days ago)
MartiMarti (803 days ago)
Ciao 001_smile mi piacerebbe avere un amico di penna! Se ti va scrivimi biggrin
ilham02 (810 days ago)
Heyyyyyy punk
oliviac (815 days ago)
Hi! How are you? :3
angela0320 (872 days ago)
I'm fine too 001_smile
angela0320 (878 days ago)
hello, how are you ? wink2
Sarahit (891 days ago)
Hi 001_smile Im Sarahit from Mexico 001_smile nice to meet you!
I study french and English too, so I need to improve more my languages, and I want to know more about other cultures
If you want we can talk by Skype: sarabeat28
Bye ^^
Yanina (908 days ago)
Hello! I'm not from UK or US but I'm studying English too, and Indie Rock, Brit-Pop and Madchester are my favourite genres, so, I think, we can talk about something if you don't mind blush


Nickname: nowhereman
First name: Emanuele
Gender: Male
Age: 22

I am interested in members from 17 to 25 years old.


City: -
State/Region: -
Country: Italy


Google Maps

Spoken languages

  • English
  • French
  • Italian

Languages to learn

  • English
  • French
  • Dutch


I use the following communication networks:
  • Facebook
  • Skype
Send me an e-mail


  • Sport (Soccer)
  • Sport (Tennis)
  • Music (Rock - Metal)
  • Music (Classical)
  • Music (Hip hop - R&B - Rap)
  • Music (Country)
  • Music (Jazz)
  • Cinema - Movies
  • Reading
  • Music
  • Music (Electro)
  • Traveling


Hi folks!
I'm interested in learning French and Dutch,  thus everyone who is able to speak those languages and is keen on having a chat, is welcomed.
My favourite topics are Music (especially Indie pop), History and Politics.
Feel free to contact me! 

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